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Product Enquiries is a comprehensive cloud-based system that is designed to smoothen the Human Resouce Management processes and facilitates the HR needs for every organization in Malaysia. focuses on employee management from payroll to project management, giving a flexibility in managing the company’s HR Department with lesser manual paperwork and increasing the effectiveness of HR related processes. It is a lot easier for HR managers since they can spend more time on core business objectives rather than attending to minor administration tasks. Payroll and leave management can be automated in a paperless working environment. is an online solution for data entry, data tracking, and data information. offers a list of powerful modules below:

  • Employee Management Module (Employee Management, Import Employee, Employee Exit, Employee Last Login)
  • Core HR Module (Awards, Transfers, Resignations, Travels, Promotions, Complaints, Warnings, Terminations)
  • Organisation Module (Multiple Companies, Official Documents, Location, Department, Designation, Announcements, Company Policy)
  • Timesheet Modile (Attendance, Monthly Timesheet, Timesheet Calendar, Update Attendance, Overtime Request, Import Attendance, Office Shifts, Manage Holidays, Manage Leaves)
  • Payroll Module (Generate Payslip, Payroll)
  • Training Module (Training List, Training Type, Trainer List)
  • Performance Module (Appraisal, KPI, KPI Report)
  • File Manager Module
  • Project Management Module (Projects, Tasks, Clients)
  • Asset Management Module (Assets, Category)
  • Events & Meetings Module (Events, Meetings)
  • Reporting (Payslip Report, Attendance Report, Training Report, Projects Report, Tasks Report, Employees Report)

To access's system, all you need to do is login with your username and password provided by your HR Administrator using a web-browser. For example, if your company’s name is ABC Sdn Bhd, the URL will be You do not need to download, install or even setup the application as our team will setup the entire account for you.

Your personal information is completely secure within Role-based access ensures that a user can only access information as per the assigned permission levels on the basis of his/her role and work function. Only admin accounts will be given to authorised personnel.

Yes, it is possible to customize HR Sense as per the requirement of the organization, as we want to enhance our software as per your needs so that our software could be live as per your expectations. We just need specification required and our experts will resolve your issue within considerable time. is well suited with all types of the organization from Small to large organizations. Record-Keeping & data maintenance of very less to many high numbers of employees could be done, salary processing, recruitment data maintenance, Compensation benefits, reimbursement calculations, and Approval, leave approval and balance check, attendance regularization, entry and exit formalities, and many more infinite features.

Payroll Enquiries integrates the actual table from the mentioned government sector. Whenever there is a new update, our team will be ever-ready to update all calculations accordingly.

Leave/ Attendance Enqueries

We have a self-service login for each employee and all approvals will be notified.

Yes, that is why the admin role should be carefully authorized to an employee.

Technical Enqueries

A cloud-based HR management system is an exceptionally secured framework that unifies all of the information on to a solitary online location. Information security requires round the clock cautiousness. comprehends the security worries of our clients and guarantees high information security norms. It is exceedingly secure and it utilizes SSL declaration encryption for all the correspondence amongst server and customer, which is the largest amount of encryption. uses Cloud-based backup for data stored in the system hence we can fully assure you the security against data mutilation, duplicity, and data forging. More so, there will be legal documents involved which include a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) provided by Prolific Scope Sdn Bhd who is managing as a whole.

Also, uses Cloudflare Enterprise as its core security platform with its well-known defence against DDos attack.

It is a cloud-based database so there is no requirement of the server.

Other Enquiries

We have our own training modules and videos for helping new trainee for the system and we also provide monthly group training sessions upon request.

Yes, there is a demo setup for you to try.

Implementation is usually within 3 working days but it will depend on the size of the company and the HR policy complexities.

Yes, all version updates are absolutely free as long as your subscription is still valid.